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UChoose FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UChoose Rewards?

UChoose Rewards® is a rewards program where you earn points for choosing to use your Stifel Bank VISA® Credit Card. Redeem your points for anything you choose from a huge online rewards catalog.

How do I earn points?

You earn 1 point per $1 for each transaction.

Where can I earn points?

You earn points everywhere your Stifel Bank VISA® Credit Card is accepted.

What can I redeem my points for?

It’s your choice! You can choose from millions of options, whether it’s products, travel experiences, activities, event tickets, or more! Simply visit the Redeem Points page and click on the category that suits your interests.

We keep track of all the points you earn and will help you find just what you’re looking for when you’re ready to redeem. We even have a Wish List that will help you track when you have earned enough to redeem a specific item.

Can I share points with family members?

Yes, all cards linked to the same account number automatically earn points together. In addition, if you have multiple credit cards with Stifel Bank you can link them together to earn rewards faster. Visit the Profile page to link more accounts to your program.

When can I redeem my points?

It can take up to 40 days for your points to be credited to your account. You can redeem for any number of amazing items. Simply look for your “Total Points” at the top of any page to see how many points you have available for redemption.

Where can I view my point activity?

You can access the history of your point activity on the Point Details page.

When I redeem for a product, can I ship my redemption to an address other than the one Stifel Bank has on file for me?

No, for security reasons you can only ship your redemption to the address that Stifel Bank has on file for you. If you need to update or change your address, please contact Stifel Bank by calling (314) 721-8003 for assistance.

Can points be redeemed at the point of purchase or can they only be redeemed online?

You can only redeem points online through

If I am close to having enough points to redeem, can I purchase the balance of the points they need?

No, you can’t purchase the balance of the points you need. You must earn the required points needed to redeem for an item.

What will happen to my points if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen and a replacement is issued, points will automatically be transferred to the new card. Once you receive your new card, you will need to re-register on the website with your new card.

If someone manages to get access to my UChoose Rewards® user name and password, can they redeem my points?

Yes, they can redeem your points if the login information is compromised and used improperly, but whatever is redeemed can only be sent to the address on file.

If I have a discount card with a retailer, will I still be able to receive my discount and UChoose Rewards® points?

Yes, if you have a discount card with a retailer, you will be able to receive the discount as well as the UChoose Rewards® points.

How much does it cost to participate?

There’s no cost. Membership in UChoose Rewards® is absolutely free for Stifel Bank cardholders, so start using your card and earning points today.

What if I have another question?

If you have other questions not answered here, you can contact your UChoose Specialist.