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Learn what it means to Bank with Stifel

Our mission is to be the leading financial partner for successful businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals requiring customized financial solutions.

Stifel Bank serves growing and middle market businesses and their owners with a full range of lending, deposit, treasury and private banking services.  We have the flexibility and resources to offer our customers the banking and lending services they value most, with the legacy of Stifel, a leading Wealth Management and Investment Banking firm, established in St. Louis in 1890.

We are known for our superior level of customer service, flexibility and entrepreneurial approach to banking. Our success is built upon the strong personal relationships we develop with clients and our deep knowledge of their businesses, financial markets, and access to a wide array of lending and liquidity tools. This empowers us to provide the necessary financial resources to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Throughout the history of our organization, we have served our clients with customized business solutions and a sound business perspective.  As we grow our footprint, we look forward to continuing that commitment, and growing how we can effectively serve more of our clients' personal and business financial needs.

At Stifel Bank we make banking simple, convenient, and even enjoyable for consumers and businesses alike.

"I encourage you to give us a call and experience a bank that is committed to the highest standards of service excellence."

Chris Reichert

CEO, Stifel Bancorp, Inc.

Chris Reichert


Stifel's Personal Banking Services

At Stifel Bank, we continuously enhance our services to deliver the most engaging banking experience. Our banking solutions are designed to help you efficiently manage your cash for everyday spending and planned savings, and provide liquidity solutions to support your financial strategies. Our team is focused on doing what we do — making banking easy and efficient while removing traditional obstacles so you can focus on what is important to you.

Personal Banking Services:

  • Securities-Based Lending
  • Private Bank Lending
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash Management
  • Digital Banking
  • Corporate Trustee Services
  • Delaware Trust Services

Personal banking and trust services are offered by Stifel Bank & Trust, Stifel Bank, Stifel Trust Company, N.A. and StifelTrust Company Delaware, N.A. exclusively to Stifel Wealth Management clients.


Stifel Wealth Management: Envisioning the Life and Legacies of Clients and Their Families

2,300 Financial Advisors managing $390 billion in client assets from 400 offices across the country, making Stifel the nation’s 7th largest full-service investment firm in terms of number of financial advisors. Stifel Advisors help clients implement diverse investment strategies, plan for their future, structure retirement and other goal-based savings strategies, charitable giving plans, and prepare to leave their legacy.

Learn why so many financial advisors choose Stifel’s entrepreneurial culture to build their practice.


The Power of Our People and Platform: Delivering Institutional Investing, Capital Markets, and Research

Stifel’s Institutional Group mission is to provide the professional guidance and resources institutional investors need to work toward their goals. We are a full-service investment bank, offering securities brokerage, trading, research, underwriting and corporate advisory services globally. Our expertise spans sectors and products in both public and private markets. We are driven by relationships, not transactions, and are committed to earning long-term trust from our clients. The breadth of our platform and experience of our people uniquely position us to provide a range of solutions with the ability to quickly pivot as client needs evolve.

Stifel was named Investment Bank of the Year for 2022 by M&A Magazine. Learn more about how we deliver expanding capabilities to serve the diverse needs of our clients through Stifel KBW, Eaton Partners, and Miller Buckfire.


Stifel’s banking and lending services are provided by Stifel Bank and Stifel Bank & Trust. Trust and fiduciary services are provided by Stifel Trust Company, N.A. and Stifel Trust Company Delaware, N.A.

Residential mortgage lending services for clients of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated are performed exclusively by Stifel Bank and Stifel Bank & Trust (Stifel Banks). The financial advisors of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated do not offer mortgage loans, provide mortgage loan information, or accept residential mortgage loan applications. Stifel Bank, Member FDIC, is affiliated with Stifel Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender, NMLS# 375103, and Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated, Member SIPC & NYSE, each a wholly owned subsidiary of Stifel Financial Corp. Unless otherwise specified, references to Stifel may mean Stifel Financial Corp. and/or any of its subsidiaries. Unless otherwise specified, products purchased from or held by Stifel are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or other obligations of Stifel Banks, are not guaranteed by Stifel Banks, and are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of the principal.

Understanding the potential risks of a Stifel Pledged Asset (SPA) Line of Credit

Speak with your Financial Advisor about your risk tolerance level, market fluctuations, and specifically the potential risks associated with a Stifel SPA Line of Credit.

Securities-based lines of credit involve risk and is not appropriate for all borrowers. The SPA Line of Credit is a full recourse, demand loan using the assets in a brokerage account as collateral and can be called at any time. An increase in interest rates will affect the overall cost of borrowing. The return on your securities must be higher than your financing cost in order for you generate a positive return in your securities account. The market value of your securities may decline, which may result in the value of that collateral no longer covering the outstanding loan amount. In either event, the borrower may be required to post additional collateral and/or repay part or all of any outstanding loan, and Stifel Bank & Trust may call the loan and sell or force the sale of the assets in the collateral account, or any other collateral, without contacting the borrower. The borrower can lose more assets than the borrower is required to deposit in the collateral account. The borrower is responsible for satisfying any amount not covered by the collateral.

Stifel Bank & Trust can increase its collateral maintenance requirements at any time. Stifel Bank & Trust may, in its sole and absolute discretion, demand full or partial payment of the SPA Line of Credit at any time, without notice to cover the loan balance and any interest. The borrower is not entitled to an extension of time to meet a collateral maintenance call.

If pledged securities need to be sold, they may be sold without notice, the borrower may not be offered a chance to deposit cash or additional collateral, and the borrower may not be able to pick which securities will be sold, which can interrupt the borrower’s long-term investment strategy. If pledged securities are sold, this could trigger an unfavorable taxable event for the borrower. Neither Stifel Bank & Trust nor our affiliates provide tax or legal advice. Borrower should consult with a tax professional.

The borrower is entitled to draw against their SPA Line of Credit only if loan terms and collateral requirements are met and the draw request is approved by Stifel Bank & Trust.

There may be alternative ways of borrowing funds that are less expensive and involve less risk. Your Financial Advisor may receive compensation for balances on SPA loans. Your Financial Advisor benefits when the borrower uses the available balance on his or her loan to meet liquidity needs in lieu of selling securities or other investments.

Trust and fiduciary services are provided by Stifel Trust Company, N.A. and Stifel Trust Company Delaware, N.A. (Stifel Trust Companies), wholly owned subsidiaries of Stifel Financial Corp. and affiliates of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated, Member SIPC & NYSE. Unless otherwise specified, products purchased from or held by Stifel Trust Companies are not insured by the FDIC or any other government agency, are not deposits or other obligations of Stifel Trust Companies, are not guaranteed by Stifel Trust Companies, and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested. Stifel Trust Companies do not provide legal or tax advice.