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Giving back to the communities where we live and work has always been one of our core values. We see the challenges our neighbors go through and strive to bring our “Yes, We Can” mindset to make an impact on those around us.

About Stifel

Stifel’s Banks Give Back

Stifel’s Banks, the banking and lending entities of Stifel Financial Corp., celebrate our hometown of St. Louis and work to building a stronger community by providing financial education and participating in local schools, events, and other programs where we work, live, and play. We support our associates volunteer efforts within our communities, as they work to foster financial strength, create educational and wealth building opportunities, and provide resources our community needs. Through our corporate headquarters and offices across the U.S. we focus on the local needs of each community with an emphasis on meeting the needs of the low-to-moderate income neighborhoods.

Stifel Bank’s community outreach and support initiatives are based around these core themes:

  • Financial literacy and financial capabilities development
  • Budgeting, entrepreneurship, and homeownership education
  • Health and wellness, including cancer care and support
  • Increasing homeownership and combatting homelessness
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We support opportunities to foster growth and financial capabilities within the communities where we live and work.

Budget Bunny

Inspiring children to learn about earning, entrepreneurship, credit, and co-hop-eration.


Mindful Money Workshops

Access free financial education on budgeting, home buying, and more.

Mindful Money Workshops

CRA Public File

Much like our commitment to our clients and associates, we are committed to our community and report on our impact.


"It is truly gratifying to see how many ways Stifel uses its broad and deep financial resources to support so many important components of our region. We are able to direct the diverse capabilities and resources at Stifel nationally to benefit our community in St. Louis locally. We team with colleagues, including Stifel’s Public Finance group, to collaborate with area government leaders, developers, and community groups on innovative programs to support the infrastructure, education, and facilities of our region."

Chris Reichert

CEO, Stifel Bank & Trust


"Working with the youth in the community and educating them about important financial topics gives them a head start and helps create a path towards being self-sufficient and confident. I am extremely proud of the efforts we make and there is no better rewards than seeing the enthusiasm of the children participating in these programs."

Rodney Malone

Private Banker


"The Banks are committed to maximizing the unique opportunity we have to make a critical impact on individual lives, families, businesses, and out larger community. I am proud of the dedication that my colleagues display by committing their time, talents, and resources towards the positive transformation of St. Louis alongside the larger Stifel organization."

Suzanne Agin

Director, Community Development

Let's make a difference together.