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Stifel Bank offers a wide range of financial products and services for entrepreneurs and corporate clients. Our bankers work closely with you to develop customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our mission is to be the financial professional of choice for your successful business.

Business accounts and cash management services

Stifel Bank has built a variety of treasury management accounts and banking products tailored to today’s business clients. Along with professional guidance from your dedicated Business Banker, Stifel Bank has a strong digital banking platform to handle your business finances efficiently and securely, from your office or on the go. We will design a program tailored to you and your financial team, giving your business both personal support and leading technology to enhance your banking services.


Business Analysis Checking

The Stifel Bank Business Analysis Checking is an operating account ideal for businesses with a high volume of transactions.  There is no limit to the number of transactions or treasury services on the account including ACH, Wires, RDC, and Lockbox.  Account balance credits offset transactional fees.

Sweep Account Options

Sweeping funds maximizes efficiency of cash balances.  Stifel Bank offers Zero Balance accounts to manage transactional cash flow.  For cash balances over $1 million our Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) program flows funds to FDIC-Insured banks through your Stifel Bank account.

Business Money Market Account

Earn competitive interest rates while keeping your excess funds in a simple, liquid Money Market Account. The Stifel Bank Business Money Market Account helps clients earn interest on cash balances, and our tiered interest rates allow you to earn more as your balances grow.

Business Interest Account

The Stifel Bank Business Interest Account offers clients the simplicity of earning interest on cash balances in a transactional account.  Tiered interest rates allow you to earn more as your balances grow.

Foreign Exchange Account

In our ever-connected world, access to global currency can be critical.  Stifel Bank has partnered with Monex* to give you access to over 130 currencies.  Purchase, hold, and sell foreign currency with settlement from your Stifel Bank Accounts.  We can help you with Spot Transactions, Forward Transactions, and Foreign Currency Holding Accounts.

Asset Management

Stifel Bank is an affiliate of Stifel, a global financial services company founded in 1890. We can build a strategy based on your investment policy guidelines or we can help tailor a solution for you. Ask your Business Banker how Stifel may serve your asset management and investment advisory needs.

*All foreign currency exchange and global payment transactions and related services are facilitated by Monex, Inc. dba Monex USA (“Monex”), a licensed money transmitter. More information, here.

Conveniently protect your cash

The Stifel Bank Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) Program offers you expanded FDIC protection in one convenient account. ICS is a smart, secure, and convenient way to place large cash deposits directly through Stifel Bank.

Helping you protect your cash flow

From payment scams to invoice fraud and more, these quick, animated videos break down payments topics into digestible, valuable insights.

Protect Your Business Against Invoice Fraud

Invoice fraud poses a serious threat to small businesses, causing significant financial losses and potentially debilitating operational consequences. Unlike larger organizations, small companies often lack robust fraud prevention measures, making them prime targets. In this video, we break down invoice fraud and share practical tips to reduce the chances of your business becoming the next victim.

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